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Investment Management

Sound plans that fit your needs and risk tolerance

Financial Elements’ premier service includes investment management as the next step after developing the financial plan. This ensures that we address all aspects of your financial life, providing you with frequent progress updates and ongoing personal communication.

We believe that the best approach to building and managing investment portfolios is diversification and asset allocation based on the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory. With our Investment Management services, we continually monitor your portfolio, rebalancing and adjusting course if necessary. We typically use mutual funds and ETFs to achieve a diversified, low cost portfolio.

We hold the belief that markets are efficient and reward patient investors. Rather than trying to predict the next big market swing, we focus on the factors of investing that we can control by creating a plan that fits your needs and risk tolerance, diversifying globally, managing expenses, turnover, and taxes, and staying disciplined through market dips and swings. We will sell high and buy low as needed, to keep your portfolio in line with your risk tolerance and cash needs.

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