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Fee Only Financial Planning

The first step in setting up your financial journey GPS is to discuss your short and long term goals so that we can prioritize them. Next we will identify and organize the resources you have available to meet those goals. We’ll talk about your tolerance for risk and your time horizon, then review your current investments in detail and your current and potential savings.  

Life is full of transitions: getting married, starting a family, changing jobs, starting a business, moving, caring for family members (both children and aging parents) and early retirement are just some of the events that we’ll discuss and incorporate, as appropriate, into your financial plan. We will also address your insurance and long term care needs, as well as your estate planning and gifting strategies. Your financial plan is a working document that evolves as the journey progresses, ensuring that you will be in a position to address both expected and unexpected events.

Once you’re retired, we continue monitoring and rebalancing your asset allocation and provide guidance on a sustainable withdrawal rate as well as assisting you with the logistics of your income needs.

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