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We Plan For This

I know it's scary right now - the markets are falling and not without reason... the Coronovirus at this point is going to have rippling effects across the global economy.    Unprecedented events, for sure, but it's always something new, different, and unprecedented that causes economic distress.  I expect some tough times ahead as we get through this.  However, we may not have predicted this specific event, but we do predict and plan for market downturns.   Funds that are needed in the next few years do not belong in the stock market, no matter how tempting it is when times are great.  For clients taking income from their portfolios, we have set aside funds for this possibility; we will be okay.  If you are still accumulating, history will likely look at this as a gigantic stock sale.   

The best plan for these events is to have a plan.  If you don't have one, let's talk.