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NAPFA Conference Recap

Just back from Austin, Texas for the annual NAPFA conference.  I enjoyed networking with my peers and numerous educational sessions.  We had deep dives into IRA beneficiaries, Roth strategies, divorce planning, executor duties, and college planning among other topics.  Keeping current is an essential part of my ongoing professional development.  

Perhaps some of the best sessions though were the out of the ordinary.  I enjoyed a leadership talk from Susan Bradley.  She spoke about five qualities of great leaders and made it relevant for work or family life.  I also really enjoyed two presentations on dementia, brain science, and sleep by Dr. Marc Milstein.  Great information on how spending time outdoors, getting a good night sleep, and learning new things contribute greatly to reducing the likelihood of dementia later in life.  In addition, stress is actually not a bad thing and hearing loss is one of the greatest contributors to dementia.  If you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, get it addressed right away.   Learn new things – it’s not just Sudoku… learn a language, to play an instrument, or to dance.  It’s important to challenge your brain so it can continue to make connections and keep our brains healthy.     Great information.  

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