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Anniversary Event at Harper College

Many thanks to those that came out to Harper College to celebrate Financial Elements’ 10 year anniversary.  We enjoyed a lovely breakfast and a very informative presentation by Amy Florian of Corgenius.  

In client meetings we talk a lot about being prepared – having estate planning documents in place, talking with adult children, and also how to leave a legacy.  We also talk about the dreaded possibility of cognitive decline.  So often, some of the early warning signs of dementia include financial and mathematical functioning.  I listen closely to what my clients are saying and I’m in a unique position to often know if a request seems odd or out of character.  

Amy talked about the important of not only having a Living Will in place, but also discussing it with your loved ones.  There are also additional documents to consider as you age or if you have a chronic condition.  Most people are familiar with a DNR and possibly a DNI order (do not resuscitate and do not intubate).  There is also a POLST form that is a standing doctors order that can restrict heroic life sustaining measures if desired.  Check out POLST.org for information for your specific state and circumstances.  

Amy made a point of saying that we need to protect for three things:

What you know will happen

What you hope will happen

What you hope never happens.   

Throughout the presentation she discussed health related documents, financial and legal documents, passing on a legacy, and dementia and diminished capacity.  

Want to learn more or chat about how I can help you make sure you are planning for the future?   Get in touch… I’d be happy to help.