What’s keeping YOU up at night?

  • Do you think you might never retire? 
  • Are you concerned about college costs and planning?
  • Are you just too busy to plan for the future?
  • Do you have aging parents and are uncertain how to help them? 
  • Do you need help creating and sticking to a budget? 
  • Are you confused about investing?
  • Are you feeling financially out of control?


Take charge today!

Financial Elements can help you take control of your financial life and create a plan to move forward. We will make sure all the parts of your financial life are working in sync with your goals and dreams.  

Services Include:


  • Financial planning on a project basis
  • Financial Planning with ongoing investment management and planning
  • Annual and Semi Annual Financial Plan Reviews


We combine experience, common sense, and compassion to help you create a plan that works for you.  If you are looking to move beyond internet searches and generic advice to a personal relationship with someone who cares then contact us today!





  • First we will discuss your goals (both long and short term), then we will prioritize them.
  • Next we will identify and organize the resources you have available to meet those goals. We’ll talk about your tolerance for risk and your time horizon. We’ll go over your current investments in detail and your current and potential savings.    


  • Through asset allocation, diligent savings, and projections, we will create the road map for your financial future.
  • This is a working document that evolves as the journey progresses. There are many paths to take and we work with you to map the journey in the way that works best for you.


  • Part of planning for your financial stability means preparing for events that can derail even the best laid plans.
  • We look at the need for emergency funds, insurance, and estate planning as well as discussions on caring for elderly parents and working with your children on financial independence.

 Detours are part of the journey...


  • We suggest periodic reviews to update your plan and adjust course if needed.
  • These can be annually or semi-annually, or depending on your individual needs
  • Life is full of transitions: getting married, starting a family, changing jobs, starting a business, moving, and early retirement are just some of the events that should be discussed and incorporated into your overall financial plan.


  • Once you are retired, we continue monitoring and rebalancing your asset allocation and progress towards your goals.
  • We provide guidance on a sustainable withdrawal rate as well as assisting you with the logistics of your income needs.    
  • We continue our Estate planning / gifting and Long Term Care strategy discussions always taking into account your personal goals and preferences.  

Can we help? We offer a complimentary initial consultation to help you decide if you’d like us to help you map out your financial planning journey. 




Contact Brenda at to set an appointment.