Welcome to Financial Elements

Integrating Dollars & Cents with Common Sense & Compassion

Financial Elements, Inc. is a boutique Fee-Only financial planning and investment advisory firm located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.   

Whether you are just starting out in your working life or enjoying retirement, you can benefit from financial planning. I offer comprehensive financial advice tailored to your individual situation. We will work together to determine what financial stability means to you and then design a plan to meet your goals. 

Mapping out Life’s Journey

I like to compare financial planning to mapping out a trip.   When you sit down to plan your trip you need to have a good road map, you need to prioritize the sights to see, the money you’ll spend, and the time that you can be away.  You might like the quickest most direct route, or you might like the more scenic meandering path. It might depend upon how much time you feel that you have to get to your destination, and how much time you’d like to invest along the way. You’ll map your route carefully, add in a little extra time for traffic jams and flat tires, and enough flexibility to be spontaneous and smell the roses.    Sometimes you’ll want to drive, other times you might have someone do the driving for you. A wrong turn can be a setback, but a good map will get you back on course in no time.  A successful trip is one where you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Let Financial Elements guide you on YOUR journey.